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"Dakshin" is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning "south". It symbolizes what we mean all about the best and most delicious of south Indian cuisine. We have been serving Chicago suburbs for more than 14 years and at Dakshin, we try to prepare each dish in its own unique and distinctive method with the blend of Indian spices and taking one step ahead with the blend of Chinese flavor to create unique and special varieties of food "THE SOUTH INDIAN and INDO CHINESE" style.

We take pride in providing each guest with a genuine Indian dining experience and our welcome comes from deep within our heart. We will strive to make your dining experience a return to those golden times when every meal was a feast. Our guests are not just our customers, they mean everything.

Enjoy your delightful experience at Dakshin.              Find us on Facebook

"Our Schaumburg Location is now open!!!!.Come and enjoy delicious South Indian cuisine."
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Schaumburg Branch
1135 N Salem Drive,Salem Plaza,
Schaumburg,IL - 60194, USA.
Phone: (847)882 9533
Fax: (847)882 9530
Mail Id:schaumburg@dakshinrestaurants.com Hours:Monday-Sunday(11:30 am - 3:00 pm, 5:00-10:00 pm)